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Water drilling

Water drilling
(Pictures of the construction, with legend)

Thanks to donations from private individuals and companies, a total of three boreholes have been drilled and water stations erected.
Easy access to running, good water makes a big difference to the lives of women and girls, as they no longer have to spend hours carrying often dirty water from far away. 

Here are some facts about the situation with bad water:

Diseases caused by dirty water have higher death rates each year than any form of violence or war.
Worldwide, nearly one in five deaths of children under five is due to a water-related disease.
Diarrhoea and related diseases are linked to a lack of clean water, sanitation and basic hygiene. Because of this, 1,400 children under five die every day. This costs the lives of over half a million children per year.
Dirty drinking water, inadequate hygiene and sanitation are also major causes of cholera and a host of infectious and tropical diseases in the African region.
 Here are some facts about when people have access to fresh water: 

According to the World Health Organisation, for every dollar invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic benefit of $3 to $34.
Access to clean water gives people more time to grow food, generate income and go to school. Clean water thus leads to agricultural development, higher levels of education, improved health and security.
Clean water reduces poverty.
The benefits of a source of clean drinking water extend far beyond the boundaries of the community.

With Emmanuel Doe Tagborlo, we have a dedicated expert on site who coordinates and controls the complex process with passion and precision.
(Pictures of the making, with legend)

(Picture school with spring)
Water station next to Nimdy School in Ahodjo near Nassawan, implemented in 2017 in cooperation with Nimdy and Gye Nyame Foundation.
Not only the school children have access to it, but the whole village benefits from good fresh water. The work was sponsored by a total of three Rotary Clubs, two from America and one from Accra, the capital of Ghana.

Water station in Metemano
Thanks to generous donations from Dr Alexander Michalzik of Biotikon, Germany (
another water station could be installed in the remote village of Metemano in 2021.

Water station in Nsakyi
This water station was donated by Karin Bettina Gisler ( and Yakov Yaksuhevskyi Gisler ( and inaugurated in November 2021.