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Report #1

Let me share what Tanya, our team member in Ukraine-  shared with us:
We have found a way to get money to her and others to support tbeir work with the children and their parents: 

I’m glad we can help with the toys, books, pencils and medicine and care products.. it relieves the helpless feeling that comes with war -at least… 

And we can DO a little. We are so glad to be working with these brave beings- and to be working with you, a generous donor. Thank you for making so much possible with your contribution. 

What Tanya writes: 

“ I do not know how to choose from the many stories about the children of Donbass, whom the war deprived of childhood and health only a few, as an example. The war in Donbass has been going on for 8 years, and today children and adults are still killed and injured.
Sonya Sadykova turned 12 yesterday. When she was only 6 years old, a shell flew into a house on the outskirts of the city. Her father was killed, the girl suffered a face injury and a broken jaw. She loved to listen to fairy tales about princesses, but now she does not want to be photographed and turns away from the eyes of strangers.  She is afraid that no one will love her when she grows up.

Violetta Malykhina, 15, was injured to her ankle and could not walk for a long time. After surgery and therapy, her leg does not hurt as much, but as a result of the injury, it has become shorter. Walking Violetta is very difficult, and she asks to give her a plush cat to sit and lie with him in a hug – after all, with a cat, even a toy cat, it is more fun to stay at home. She is almost a young girl, but seems to remain a child.

Danil Pereverzev is from the village of Zaitsevo, which is located directly between the two armies, which means that the village has been in the line of fire since 2014. Back in 2016, Danil was shell-shocked by an exploding munition next to him, the blast wave threw him several meters away, the boy received a concussion and a closed craniocre injury. A constant headache has plagued him since that day. In recent months, the teenager has stretched out, wears shoes like an adult - but asks to give him albums, markers and pencils. Probably wants to draw peace.
The Ryabinin family has three children. In 2014, when the war had just begun, they all received serious injuries right in the yard of their house, mainly shrapnel wounds to the limbs. The oldest is already an adult, but as a result of that shelling he lost his leg, became disabled. He asks to be given science fiction books, and the rest dream of puzzles and a Monster High doll...
There are hundreds of such stories. There are thousands of children who have been injured or are seriously ill. They ask nothing of adults but peace. And some more toys, books or pencils... However, their parents ask for help with medicines and care products. And thanks with tears in their eyes.”

Tanya Schevchenko

With heartfelt thanks,
On behalf of all our teams and the board of Nimdy. 

( Benz-Howell )