Ukraine and Regions -English

Report #3

There is a lot of work to support women and children in Donetsk now, more than before, because people have become very impoverished and many people have lost their jobs because of the war.

There's also a lot of work to reunite families who are in different countries because of the hot phase of the war. We are now helping in cases where children have been evacuated to Donetsk and their families to Ukraine and Europe. For example, right now I was transporting 12 children, Tony was in a sanatorium in Mariupol, and parents with disabled children from villages during active fighting were taken to Europe by volunteers. We had to go to France for the original documents for the children and then transport them via Donetsk Moscow Riga Warsaw Berlin, where their parents can pick them up. And such cases are not isolated, because many volunteers have only taken the children and so the families have been separated.