Gladys Teni Anaba is a trained accountant and teacher. She grants and supervises the awarding of micro-loans, which we finance from our donations.

The mainly female applicants present themselves and their project and are accompanied and supported after achieving a positive assessment. Women are considered the more reliable borrowers worldwide because they use the money responsibly and pay back the loans. Of course, Nimdy grants the loans without any financial interests of its own, i.e. without charging interest.
Most of our borrowers are single, abandoned or widowed; disowned by their families and ostracised by society. They often find themselves in hopeless situations, with their children threatened by poverty and hunger. Thanks to the micro-credits, they can get back on their feet and provide for themselves and their children independently.

Sandra Adbenu
Sandra is 31 years old and a widow with four children. After the death of her husband, she was excluded from the family. Thanks to Nimdy's loan of CHF 753, she was able to open a shop and provide for herself and her children. She has already started the repayments.
Assibi Akolibire
Assis, 28 years old, three children. Her husband became incapacitated due to an aggressive cancer. Thanks to Nimdy, she was able to complete her training in Kente weaving and graduate. She also bought the basic equipment and materials to start her professional activity. Today she trains other women and earns her own money. As a thank you, she also teaches girls from difficult and poverty-stricken backgrounds free of charge. In the photo she is standing on the right.
Beatrice Abugmah
Beatrice is 26 years old, has three small children and lives in an unstable family situation. She is a trained tailor and until now has always had to work outdoors, exposed to the scorching sun, dust and heavy rains. Her dream was to have a place where she could work undisturbed. She received CHF 1140 from Nimdy and was able to build a small house in which she now works and in return passes on her skills free of charge to young women from poor backgrounds.
Margaret Nkuah
Margaret has five children and was widowed 6 years ago. She had to take care of her family alone and wanted to give her children a good education. She lost her job and her savings. With a loan from Nimdy, she wants to open a clothes shop.
Wisdom is a single young man . He has many younger sisters and brothers to support.
He obtained a loan from a private individual from the Nimdy board in October 2020 for CHF 3760 to buy a vehicle for taxi rides. In 2021 he started repayments in January