Members of Nokware Integrity Team in Ghana
Faiza Amadu
Faiza Amadu from the Upper West Region in Ghana is a preschool teacher and youth counselor who works to help disadvantaged children.
She is an action-oriented woman who is concerned with how best to support marginalized children so that they can integrate into society and find their place thanks to a solid vocational education.

"All children are accepted, understood and supported to become independent young adults"
Gladys Teni Anaba
Gladys Teni Anaba is an early childhood educator, a trained accountant, and a pastor's wife with many functions in her congregation. She has extensive leadership and counseling skills.
As a teacher, coach and counselor, she supports single women and their children.
She is currently earning a bachelor's degree in accounting.

"Society with optimal physical, economic, and social systems that allows for women's empowerment and self-determination."
Emmanuel Doe Tagborlo
Emmanuel Doe Tagborlo, born in Accra Ghana West Africa, Educator, Information Technologist and Project Manager.Participant in African Leadership Transformation education.
He is an experienced NGO project manager with over 7 years of NGO operations and has successfully developed and executed effective projects consisting of water and sanitation management.
A strong youth advocate for the impoverished and a promoter of social inclusion. He is developing innovative projects that support direct access to clean water and promote the adoption of complementary hygiene practices.

"A Ghana with universal water coverage, breaking the barrier of poverty."
Theophilus Appiah Afrifa
Born 1993 in Sefwi Juaboso in the Western North Region of Ghana .
He has a Laboratory Science degree and is currently studying to get his Doctor of Pharmacy at Central University in the capital Accra. Nimdy supports him on his way.
He participated in a specific course about African Leadership and Transformation.
He is dedicated to serve humanity by applying medical service, counseling and good communication.

"A world free from diseases and suffering"
Ghana projects
Welcome, Nokware Integrity - Team
Our new focus is now taking a more decentralized form with outreaches in different areas and regions. With Team Nokware, we have three highly skilled specialists in education, family and social work, as well as in water boreholes, a new area of Nimdy.

We know Faiza Amadu, Gladys Anaba and Emmanuel Doe Tagborlo from previous projects and appreciate their professionalism, dedication and reliability.
Goodbye Gye-Nyame Foundation
As of 2019, we concluded our collaboration with Gye-Nyame Foundation and its director, Mohammed Sulemana and have launched the school into independence from kindergarten to grade 3 with a total of about 120 children.
With the new buildings, the friendly interiors, the beautiful playground, generous donations of materials and its own water point (which is used by the whole village), the school is well equipped.

We thank Mohammed Sulemana for the good and efficient cooperation and our donors for their support, which made all this possible.
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Mentoring and supporting single young mothers, girls and poverty stricken families
Our Nokware team is in close contact with young single mothers, girls and families in need. This enables them to help quickly, locally and individually: With counselling, mentoring, job placement, support for school attendance, organisation of doctor’s visits, help with authorities, distribution of food. In emergencies, our team members have also taken in shelter seekers or destitute women.
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Support for school children from difficult family backgrounds
Many families struggle with poverty and instability. The children also suffer from violence and abuse, illnesses and the alcoholism of their parents. Often the father abandons the mother with the children, leaving them to their fate. An abandoned mother is ostracised by the family and society, often has no education and thus no possibility to feed her children, let alone send them to school. They are then shoved off to their grandparents, who can’t or won’t really take good care of them either.

Nimdy with the Nokware team on site provides help through counselling, financial or material suppor. The team educates the mothers about hzgiene and supports the children so that thez can go to school and get the necessarz help and assistance.
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Placing disadvantaged young people in vocational training
Without vocational training, many young people have no chance of escaping the vicious circle of poverty. The Nokware team has a large network and finds apprenticeships for young people.

Shoemaker, tailor, weaver and hairdresser are popular professions. In the apprenticeships, the young people learn the new profession and how to deal with customers. The apprentices are accompanied by the Nokware team until the end of their training.

So far, 4 tailors, 2 hairdressers, 2 shoemakers and one Kente weaver have been trained. (Kente=traditional fabric, which is woven by hand in an elaborate way).
Before and after: stories of success
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