Reports from our team in Ukraine and Regions
Our team in Ukraine and Regions
Lidiya Anatolyevna Kovaleva
I am Lidiya Anatolyevna Kovaleva and was born on 5th of May 1951 in Donetsk. When I was a child my parents had difficulties and they had to put me in a boarding school. Feeling all the difficulties I promised myself that I would dedicate my life to help children in need. I got a house from the government and started to care for orphans and children from difficult background. Up to now I have raised about 35 children.

Now 22 children are living with me in our home, age from 4 - 18, they all have a hobby and are quite successful. The war made everything more difficult. Thanks to Nimdy we could restore our house, and we can go to vacation and buy new beds and clothes. I can’t imagine my life without children’s laughter.

My vision:
"Every child has a family and a roof over his head."

Tanya Nosach
I was born on 4th of April 1973 and live in Donetsk. I have two degrees: historian, history teacher and general lawyer; social work. For many years I have been working to ensure that women have support, and all children have the opportunity to live in a family. I am leading a home for young single mothers and their babies, where they find shelter and also get trained in child care as well as in profession that helps them survive. With the advent of war, other goals appeared - to move towards peace in our community, to give a voice to those who are muted and not heard. For this I use social and participatory teather - playback, documentary, forum teather.


My dream is that people negotiate with each other peacefully.
Tatyana Shevchenko
I was born 21st of October 1961 in Donetsk and graduated from university as teacher of history. Since that time I have been living in an endless era of changes. I changed professions, set ambitious goals and achieved them, lost loved ones and experienced the collapse of a great country. I worked as a teacher at a school, then worked in advertising. From 2008 to 2017 I worked at Donbass Arena as Leading Specialist of the Administrative Service. Since the war started I have been living in a war zone where it has become very difficult to find work.

Now I also work as representative of Nimdy. I collect food and clothes for impoverished families, especially for lonely mothers with disabled children. I also lead the clown company, organize their trainings and performances.. Before Corona we performed in hospitals, asylums, homes and schools.

My vision:
My dream is peace on earth and that no child must be lonely.

Nimdy helps in Ukraine and Regions
Although the war in eastern Ukraine has disappeared from the headlines, it is still going on. The victims are the civilians, who are affected both directly and indirectly. The enormously cold winters make survival in the bombed-out houses even more difficult. Many people have no possibility to flee and endure inhuman conditions.

Nimdy supports four small organisations working in the Ukraine and Regions war zone. Through Yakov Gisler Yakushevskji, who comes from Donetsk, we know all the representatives of these organisations personally. During our visits to Donetsk, we can get an accurate picture of their activities and see how the funds are used. We are in constant contact with the representatives via Facebook.
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The Wild Volunteers
A group of women, led by Natalya Ruslanova, visit the people in the war-affected urban areas who have no possibility to flee. They are often too old and/or too ill to consider the expensive and exhausting move to a safer area. Their houses are partially destroyed by bombs, the windows are missing and there are no shops in the neighbourhood.

The Wild Volunteers bring food, clothes and encouragement to these people.
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The Baby House
Tatjana Nosatch runs a shelter where underage and single mothers are offered protection and accommodation. They can give birth, receive counselling and stay there for a few months. With Nimdy’s support, electricity and water are paid for, and medicines, pampers and toys are provided. Tanja Nosatch also organises training courses in sewing, computers and bookkeeping, which provide the young mothers with an independent income. Nimdy finances the purchase of sewing machines and computers.

A second project is being planned to provide a permanent home for young mothers who would otherwise be separated from their children.

  1. The Babyhouse offers shelter and safety for the first couple of months
  2. Young mothers learn handicrafts to earn some money in order to make a living
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Lydia Kowalova Children's Home
Lydia Kowaleva has been taking in orphans and children from difficult backgrounds for 30 years and offers them a new home. Thanks to Nimdy, new shoes and winter clothes were bought for the children during the last very cold winter, and the electricity and water bills were paid. Important extras such as holidays, courses in music, dance and painting, as well as small birthday presents are also financed by NImdy. In the coming year, all beds will need to be renewed.
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Clowns for Children
Tanya Shevchenko leads and organises the group of 10 volunteers who perform as clowns in homes, schools and hospitals. Travel expenses, a small fee and further training are financed by Nimdy.

  1. The Donetsk Clownteam
  2. Performing in a children's hospital
  3. Moments of magic in a difficult life
  4. Bringing joy to a children's home